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HTK Integrated Shipping & Logistics Solutions

Hamburg – national Gate to the international world – Center of the Head Quarter.

HTK has builded up itself based on a grounded know how and a high grade of reliability during the past years. The daily business is positioned on a high demand for professional handling and services for your cargoes based on the idea of:

John Ruskin (1819 – 1900)
Engl. Writer, Painter and Philosopher

“There is always somebody who can offer things cheaper and worthier. People who are looking only for the cheapest ways in life are the exact task for such hunters. It is not smart to pay too much but it is also not smart to pay to less.

If you are paying too much you might loose just bit money.

If you are paying to less you might loose your money, your goods and your reliability because most of the cheap things are not able to perform on the basic idea of itself.

The central law of business denies earning the maximum for the minimum price.

In case you accept the cheapest service you might add some additional costs by correcting the minimum services that you have paid for.

In this respect you better pay a higher rate for a better service from the beginning and saving your time, respect and reliability.”

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