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The warehouse of HTK Shipping & Logistics is located inside the Freeport area of Hamburg. With our partner Unilok Logistik GmbH we could fix one of the leading companies in Hamburg. Beside that Unilok is private owned they are one of the biggest independent working warehouses at Hamburg.

Together we could workout during the past to become one of the strongest partnerships in the market.

HTK as an international forwarder on one hand and Unilok as an powerful warehouse on the other hand can offer al kinds of warehouse services that your cargoes might need:

  • Transloading´s
  • Unloading
  • Loadings
  • Consol Services Import/Export
  • Heavy Lifts until 42ton single weights
  • Oversize cargoes until 25m length and/or 7m height
  • Flat Rack packing´s
  • Lashing and stuffing for Export Boxes
  • Fumigation
  • Container Depot
  • Container trucking inside Port Area (15 own trucks)
  • New packages, labeling, stretching
  • Assorting

All this services are made out from professional trained staff. The permanent training (once a month) is one of the key points in our advantages at the market.